Smart over the entire life cycle

It’s all about total cost of ownership

Eco-designed solutions are smarter and in sync with sustainability and profitability

We are strong proponents of linking sustainability to value creation. This is why we focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) instead of short term investment cost. 

Our eco-designed process solutions give special consideration to the environmental impacts of a product over its entire lifecycle. This is why they are smart, sustainable, and cheaper. If they were not cheaper, they would be neither smart nor sustainable. 

Damit "grün" gelingen kann, braucht es eine Zeitenwende in der Industrie

Smart Apps + References

Tested and proven applications

Images of Bloom Absolute Flter - Tested + Proven Applications

Just looking for a filter or a smart 

eco-designed solution that beats TCO?

Pharmaceutical + Chemistry

Arrows Spin Pre-filtration and Polishing UPW & WFI

Power Industry

Arrows Spin Boiler Feed Make Up

Arrows Spin Condensate Treatment

Arrows Spin Flue-Gas Scrubber Waste water

Mining, Metal, and Oil&Gas

Arrows Spin Metal reclamation from spoil heaps

Arrows Spin Re-Injection of produced water

Landfill Leachate

Arrows Spin Pre-filtration to R/O


Arrows Spin Coating

  • Rinse-water
  • Process-bath

Arrows Spin Metalworking

  • High-Pressure Water-Jet Cutting

What makes the filter smart, sustainable, and cheaper?

Wonder why sustainability is about value creation? 

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